Foothills Circuit Shows are held at the TD Convention Center
(Formerly called the Carolina First Center)


The shows are held in Halls 1 & 2 which have a very large covered entry way.
Please respect the taped off areas.

We believe our show site is one of the nicest in the south. Hall 1 is a very spacious 120,000 sq. ft. (200' wide x 600' long). In addition, there is plenty of space for vendors as well as grooming. Therefore, no grooming will be allowed in the obedience area (hall 2).

Management does require that we leave specific areas of the dock clear of equipment. Every effort will be made to mark off areas that cannot be used and we appreciate your cooperation.



This picture shows the length of Hall 1 prior to setting up for the show. This large hall allows ample aisle ways for observers as well as exhibitors with larger breeds. Rings are 40 x 40, plenty of room to move!


There is plenty of grooming area in the hall.


As you can see we have large rings with mats. This keeps things from getting so crowded when a breed has major entries. In addition, there is usually plenty of room so dogs aren’t all crammed together while waiting to enter the ring.


There is plenty of grooming area in the hall.