GKC member, Bobbie Fairbanks, gave a talk at Stone Elementary School on dog care and training using positive reinforcement. It was a beautiful day and was held at the school's outdoor amphitheater. It was an interactive talk and many of the students also told about their dogs. The talk featured Collie "All My Love". Love demonstrated obedience commands and going over some agility obstacles. The talk concluded with Bobbie asking if any students would like to come up and give Love a hug and a treat. Hundreds of students lined up and small Bil Jac treats were passed out and the students came up on stage and hugged or shook hands with Love and each one gave her a tiny treat. Naturally Love thought this was great.

Greenville Kennel Club sponsored the majority of the cost of having two master trainers from the North America Police Working Dog Association present a 3 day seminar for the Greenville County K-9 officers. Clemson Kennel Club assisted with a portion of the contribution.  As the seminar neared, it was decided that the attendance could be offered to other area Police Working Dog officers.  It was a great decision with the attendance from 3 states and multiple counties and cities within the states. All of the officers brought their canine partner, and all of them worked for two days through procedures in crime fighting with a trained dog.